5 Baby Items I Wish I Had From Day One

Besides the necessities like diapers, wipes, and clothes— My baby shower registry was full of things that I thought might be helpful, things recommended by others, and things that made me say, “aww”… I knew very little about babies!

Now that Bunny (his internet name) is almost a year old, I wanted to share the products I wish I had from the day we brought him home.


Age we bought it- 2 months.

Ok, so I know this one might seem super obvious but I really thought the fancy convertible crib we had would be all he needed. However, around one month old, when he became ever so slightly more aware about the world around him, that crib might as well have been the front lawn in his eyes.

Thanks to my sister, I ended up getting a swing that flattened into a bassinet (this one, by Graco) and it was a game changer. It was also perfect for my son because he suffered from reflux and needed to be at an incline as much as possible, particularly after eating. Since it’s recommended to not let babies sleep at an incline, I’d feed him, sit him in the swing and flattened it once he fell asleep. Any bassinet I think is helpful to babies for the first few months as they adjust to the big, cold world. I’ve also heard great things about the SNOO and Halo bassinets just to give you an idea of what else is out there.

Baby Bouncer:

Age we bought it- 3 months

I bought this bouncer by Baby Björn per a recommendation from a mom friend with a son close to my son’s age and the thousands of 5 star reviews. Bunny loved it. I wish I’d gotten it sooner because after about a month of him happily bouncing around and sometimes even falling asleep in it, he started to get antsy after about 20 minutes. It would’ve been great in those early weeks when he didn’t move much and fell asleep anywhere. Luckily, it converts into a chair and is usable from 0-2 years old.

However, now that he’s mobile, I’m truly wondering if he’ll ever sit still again.

Mushie/Riley Pat Pacifiers:

Age we bought them- 5 months

Mushie: We tried at least five different pacifier brands before finding this brand and I’m so happy we did. Bunny isn’t much of a pacifier user, but he does consistently use them for soothing during nap times and long car rides.

Ryan & Rose: The coolest thing about Ryan & Rose pacifiers is that they double as a teether. They have different pacifiers based on your baby’s age/preference and they’re just so adorable and come in a variety of colors if that sort of thing makes you happy.

White Noise Machine:

Age we bought it- 4 months

We started off using our white noise apps and this amazing vacuum cleaner YouTube video on our phones, but decided to find a more permanent option. Our white noise machine of choice was the Hatch Baby Rest. The company actually has a newer version now with a lot of cool, usable features, but we probably won’t upgrade. It does a great job of blocking out sounds around the house and outside. I also love being able to control it from my phone. There is also this cute owl white noise machine – it is slightly less expensive and has great reviews.

Non-Toxic Play/Tummy Time Mat:

Age we bought it- 3 months

I love, love, love our Toki Mat. It’s non-toxic, unbelievably soft but not too squishy, it has a beautiful washable cover and a travel bag. Babies spend a lot of time laying on the floor and we spend a lot of time on the floor with them! Having a quality, soft surface will really make a difference especially if your home has hard floors throughout. We started off with a regular play mat but could only use it on the carpeted bedroom floor since the rest of our place had hard floors. When we wanted to lay him down in the living room we had to fumble with blankets and random things to provide padding and that process got old. He’s almost a year old now and still uses this mat to play (when he’s not practicing his walking) we’re getting great use out of it. I decided on the Toki Mat after reading this blog post on the best non-toxic mats for babies.

A lot of baby buys are trial and error for what works for your home and your little one, but these products were/still are highlights for me!

Until next time!


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