A SIP with Kofi Siriboe.

You know that feeling when you just love or look up to someone so much that you can’t stop talking about them or referencing their work? Issa is that person for me.

Her YouTube series, “Awkward Black Girl,” helped me survive college, I related way too much to even the smallest details in her book, and I’ve seen both seasons of Insecure at least 30 times. Shame? I have none. But what I do have, is a #TEAMISSA mug and a Patreon membership.

Issa and many others are filling a need in the industry and I support them every chance I get. This year, I made plans to attend the American Black Film Festival in Miami Beach and I found out Issa was going to be there hosting her own event, “A Sip with Kofi Siriboe,” the same weekend!

Of course I bought tickets and had an amazing time. This event is going to hold me over until the third season of Insecure begins on 8/12♡

Here’s a clip:

“Creativity and mental health go hand in hand” -Issa Rae



I stood in the photo booth line for 20 min to do this! 🙂




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