She Golfs!

My Dad is a golfer and when I was 12, he bought me a child’s set of golf clubs so I could join him! He taught me how to hold them, how to swing, and all the terminology but at the end of the day, I was more interested in driving the cart. I used to speed around the golf path and grass pointing out lost golf balls and I loved every second, ignoring the meaningful components of golf. After driving on so many courses around Michigan, I actually became a (self-proclaimed) professional golf cart driver. I actually give credit to the golf cart for my amazing driving skills today.

Anyway. Until this spring, when I took my first trip to the driving range, my mom-in-law was the only golfing woman of the family. So in the name of girl power, I decided to revisit the sport! After four humbling visits to the driving range, Aaron and I took on a beautiful golf course in my hometown. I put out a few good swings but my game was pretty bad so I focused on enjoying the fresh air and bonding over lost golf balls potato chips♥︎

My Skills:

Listen to how supportive Aaron is with my mediocre first swing of my first course!

” ]

My Gear:

The weather was perfect, and since this particular course isn’t strict about dress code, I opted for a basic Dri-Fit tee and pants by Nike. I got a great deal on my Nike golf shoes at Dunham’s and I purchased a men’s glove since they only had women’s gloves in pink and I refuse to purchase pink workout gear unless I actually WANT it to be pink. I also have long grinch-like fingers, so the male glove was probably my only option anyway.


Golf is a workout:

Aside from the mental workout trying to perfect my swing, golf is great for toning the arms, back and legs. Walking a course vs. driving a cart obviously contributes to the workout as well. But as a newbie, I spent a lot of time searching for my balls and the course was moderately busy so the cart was a good choice this time around. Nonetheless, a sweat was broken and I was sore the next day.


After 24,182 swings… It finally went in!

Final thoughts:

I love the game! I also love that my family loves it because it’s something we can do together. Now that I’m living in Florida, I’m going to save my golf games for the, “cooler” months, but I definitely plan to get back out there.


A beautiful Ann Arbor sunset for the last hole.

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 9.34.32 PM

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